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July 23, 2010



May 10, 2010

I’m exploring creating new textures to use as backgrounds for some of my future portfolio projects.


Noise ( Third Revision)

March 10, 2010


Voices keep gossiping,

don’t listen.

Just hear them.

Muffle the noise,

observe intention,

then: forget.

Remembering is a sticky thing,

like  syrup from the Chicle tree

where rocking into a deep sleep,

you sang the song within:

My favorite place
is inside my head,
where I can see you
vain and scared.

With all your bias
tainted by your fears,
and all your judgments,
of yesteryears.

My favorite place
is not in your head,
Where I can see me,
Lame and untamed.

With all your bias,
see me tainted by your fears,
I see your judgments 
of yesteryear.

 My favorite place
is here, in my head
where, to your noise:
I have grown deaf.

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About Keat’s Negative Capabilities

February 9, 2010

I’ve been reading Oliver’s chapter dealing with: “Diction, Tone and Voice”.  I should confess that the part about “Negative Capability” is the one that puzzled me the most. After reading how this originated with Keats  I decided to research about the term and I found this:

 Keats believed that great people (especially poets) have the ability to accept that not everything can be resolved….that the truths found in the imagination access holy authority. Such authority cannot otherwise be understood, and thus he writes of “uncertainties.” This “being in uncertaint[y]” is a place between the mundane, ready reality and the multiple potentials of a more fully understood existence” (Wikipedia: Negative Capabilities)

 Somehow, this topic strokes a fiber deep inside me.


 Negative Capability is as Oliver (quoting Keats) states: –“when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact & reason—(Oliver pg 83).


My failure to reach a verdict on the reason why our search for knowledge  — as means to understand  our reason to be in this world,– is somehow justified and shared by others.

“In the beginning darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

We all are born in darkness.

As we arrive into this world,

we have no idea what is that we are supposed to do.

So we turn to knowledge.

We try to learn what our purpose in life is.

By learning we try to shed “light” into our lives.

We learn to interact with each other.

We learn a trade. We learn to learn.

But the void is there;

No deed, no work, no thought, sheds sufficient light.


Is it “knowledge” really, our way to enlightenment?


Blackness sets  in.

Hope is dim.

Life stays still.

We walk in darkness,

the road in place.

The  light is dimming,

we find no trace.

The crowds  are thinning,

always retrieving.

The winds are sifting

There is no end.


Blackness sets in.

Hope is dim.

My life stays still.


Six_Word Stories

February 3, 2010

She was born; lived, then died.

Clueless and savoring every single mistake.

Clueless and loving every sinble minute.

Sadly remembered world’s hostilities then died.

They met, married and lasted forever.

In a blind world, Cyclops rule.

Humanity went blind, then Cyclops ruled.



January 31, 2010

I moved this entry to the above link.

Over there, now it has a couple of  intro paragraphs talking about Keats’ Negative Capabilities which was the part of the assigned reading that I liked the most.

if you scroll down (once you click on the above link) you will find “el escrito” (the writing).


Working with Quotations Marks

January 28, 2010

Exercise:2 characters should confront a third about an action they believe he/she has taken that has caused some kind of damage. Write the scene using the 3rd character as the narrator.  Please attempt to use the conventions of dialogue (use quotations, paragraph, etc.)


“It is not my fault,” I kept saying to myself. The thoughts were rushing through my mind, while my soul experienced a pain I never thought I could bear.

“I cannot be responsible for such a terrible outcome nor can I deal with the consequences of my error.”

The more I retrace the events, the more I’m convinced that there must be something I can do to change everything to how it was before.”

“Give it up!” said the serpent.

“You are responsible; it is the truth.”

“It is written in The Book. You can’t rebuke that!” His tone was full of conceit and sarcasm.

I started shaking vigorously. “But you tricked me!” I muttered. Then, slowly,  the words  spilled out  in an  uncontrollable lament. “The truth, most has been lost in translation some way along the line. The long, line of scribes involved in the recount of my story”.

“I can’t carry this blame, this responsibility on my shoulders forever”. I shouted looking into the infinite. Suddenly, the clouds opened and I heard a voice coming from above:

“Don’t trouble yourself, my child.”

I kept my gaze elevated towards the sky. “Lord?” My voice was weak and frightened. The day was warm and the soft breeze that passed through my hair, started to intensify. The wind filled me with a new sense of peace that calmed me down and make me crave even more, to be back at the garden, with him.

“Eve”. The voice from above penetrated my ears and made all the cells on my body vibrate at a faster rate.

“You have made your choice.”

I didn’t need to speak anymore; he knew what I was thinking. His words although serene and warm, enclosed a final sentence. I felt utterly alone, carrying the consequences of the choice I had made. Before I have listened to the snake, life was simple and peaceful. There was no void inside of me. Tasting the knowledge of good and evil had been a rushed, uninformed decision. As I painfully have found out, an irreversible one.

My soul ached because “I knew”. Now, I knew. The veil had come out of my eyes and I could see all the Evil that surrounded me. I could see myself with all my weaknesses. I also saw the immensity of my ignorance, about the world around me. The world I have been thrown into, all of the sudden. That, sadly, was the only thing I knew for sure. That from now own, life was not going to be sheltered and that I would have to learn how to survive.

“Oh, please!” said the snake.

“Do you want humanity to feel sssssssssssorry for you?” His voice continued to be scornful. He kept talking fast, and his comments were hitting like daggers on my brain.

“Poor Eve; She was tricked” “Why don’t you give up, once and for all?”

“You won’t make it in this world, you know?” His voice had suddenly turned soft and persuasive.

“I can help you end your agony; why do you want to keep suffering?”

“A word of advice” He continued talking and his words pounded into my brain with the same strength as the contractions I was beginning to feel on my lower abdomen.

“Don’t bring more poor souls into this world to suffer your same destiny.” “End it now.”

“You will be making the poor bastards a favor.” “Do you really think they will be able to resist me?”

“They will follow my advice, just as you did”

A sudden blow directed to the snake’s neck severed its head. I lifted my face to see Adam’s deep gaze upon me. He seemed as confused and vulnerable as I felt.