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h1 is on !

March 19, 2016


Finally! both site and blog are on! More to come later…



March 14, 2016

Many people love to color their doodles using expensive markers such as Copics.
I don’t use that type of markers, nevertheless I have noticed that a simple software such as Photoshop Elements ( which costs less than half of what a 36 copic package does).

Photoshop works really well, and it gives me unlimited shades and hues not to mention all the other wonderful  Photoshop  features such as: layers to separate colors or different parts of the doodle. Also all sort of brushes and filters and no mess or bulky bags to carry with me every time i want to draw. : )






The glaze is on..!

March 10, 2016

Glazed ceramics waiting to be put on the kiln (oven)


Now, i just have to wait my turn for these pieces to be placed on the kiln. It is always fun to see how they come out.
You may have an idea of what colors you chose to put on them, but there are many other factors that affects the end results.

Their position on the kiln, the amount of glaze used and some unknown “magic” that always happens inside the kiln.


March 8th, International Women’s Day Doodle

March 8, 2016

Today, I saw Google’s logo-Video about The International Women’s Day Doodle. I like so much their use of doodles through out the video. I really think there is something magical when we doodle. It is not only therapeutic, there is also, some kind of inner connection done while we doodle. For me it is like calling God’s direct help-line.

here is their video, click here or the image: