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About Keat’s Negative Capabilities

February 9, 2010

I’ve been reading Oliver’s chapter dealing with: “Diction, Tone and Voice”.  I should confess that the part about “Negative Capability” is the one that puzzled me the most. After reading how this originated with Keats  I decided to research about the term and I found this:

 Keats believed that great people (especially poets) have the ability to accept that not everything can be resolved….that the truths found in the imagination access holy authority. Such authority cannot otherwise be understood, and thus he writes of “uncertainties.” This “being in uncertaint[y]” is a place between the mundane, ready reality and the multiple potentials of a more fully understood existence” (Wikipedia: Negative Capabilities)

 Somehow, this topic strokes a fiber deep inside me.


 Negative Capability is as Oliver (quoting Keats) states: –“when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact & reason—(Oliver pg 83).


My failure to reach a verdict on the reason why our search for knowledge  — as means to understand  our reason to be in this world,– is somehow justified and shared by others.

“In the beginning darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

We all are born in darkness.

As we arrive into this world,

we have no idea what is that we are supposed to do.

So we turn to knowledge.

We try to learn what our purpose in life is.

By learning we try to shed “light” into our lives.

We learn to interact with each other.

We learn a trade. We learn to learn.

But the void is there;

No deed, no work, no thought, sheds sufficient light.


Is it “knowledge” really, our way to enlightenment?


Blackness sets  in.

Hope is dim.

Life stays still.

We walk in darkness,

the road in place.

The  light is dimming,

we find no trace.

The crowds  are thinning,

always retrieving.

The winds are sifting

There is no end.


Blackness sets in.

Hope is dim.

My life stays still.


Six_Word Stories

February 3, 2010

She was born; lived, then died.

Clueless and savoring every single mistake.

Clueless and loving every sinble minute.

Sadly remembered world’s hostilities then died.

They met, married and lasted forever.

In a blind world, Cyclops rule.

Humanity went blind, then Cyclops ruled.