Micro Fiction

January 9, 2010

MicroFiction (161 words)

Three Generations

They shared more than their DNA.  

These three generations of women, were living a life that wasn’t supposed to be theirs, but their husbands’.

The three of them, married very young.

The three of them married men much older than they were.

Men that thought knew better than their wives the what’s, where’s , how’s and for how long’s  of  life.

Their wives’ lives were a gift from “God” to serve them and comfort them.

No questions asked. No complains allowed.

Unfortunately for them, their wives had other plans.

The three women rebelled.

Each on them, on their own distinctive way.

Each of them according to the whims of the era they lived on.

One by one, they paid the price.

The toll was high; it involved messing with everybody’s stability.

After all, weren’t all parties involved, casualties from war, one way or another?

POW’s of their own desires of power and liberty.

One comment

  1. Comments : Beatriz, I very much like the fact that you wrote the story composed entirely of short sentences. I take it that this was inspired by the Lukeman chapter on periods. I’d like to know how and/or why and/or how that chapter led you to this–specifically. And, as per instructions, what this exercise in writing this story taught you about short sentences that you can use in your writing in the future. This detailed self-relection is an important part of the assignment, and it’s what I’ll be looking for in the future. I’m also interested in the fact that you wrote your story in lines rather than sentence/paragraph. I’m curious as to why you made this choice and what your purpose was.

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